2 Day Weekend Workshop

Saturday and Sunday

October 15 & 16, 2016

Barrington, Illinois

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Come join us for this special 2 day workshop where you'll learn the following:

° How to Improve Your Eyesight if you have any of the following:

° Nearsightedness (Myopia)

° Farsightedness (Presbyopia or Hypermetropia)

° Astigmatism

° Any combination of these

° Get help if you've had problems after Lasik surgery

° Learn how to keep your normal, clear eyesight, before you begin to use glasses or contacts

° Works regardless of your age

° Works great for kids!

Everyone that attends will learn and experience about the extraordinary Natural Vision Improvement techniques of Dr. William Bates.  What's more important is that you will learn specific techniques that help improve YOUR eyesight.

As Dr. Bates wrote, "ALL errors of refraction and many other eye troubles are cured by rest; but there are many ways of obtaining this rest, and all patients cannot do it in the same way. " (Fundamentals of Treatment, Better Eyesight magazine, June 1921).

Since everyone is unique, everyone relaxes (rests) in different ways.  Come learn the Bates techniques that get your mind and body to relax such that your eyesight gets better.