The Book of Blank Pages

The book is designed to help you relax while reading and improve your eyesight naturally.   You can read the book with your favorite music on, or in the natural silence of your favorite reading spot. 

The book also has another, deeper meaning, and points to something ... , else.

Not to be read as a novel, it is instead a guided meditation that helps quiet the mind.

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For the Hardcover version, here's the link:

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Once you buy the book, go to the Contact page on this web site.  Send me a message letting me know you've purchased the book and ask for the FREE Article "See Clearly While Reading". Its the guide to teach you how to use and look at The Book of Blank Pages so that your eyesight gets better naturally. You'll learn how to relax while reading The Book ... as you practice, you'll learn how to read any book easily, comfortably, with a relaxed mind and CenteredVision.

I highly recommend the hardcover version.  It allows you to hold the book in your hand, turn the actual pages and use the See Clearly While Reading Guide, which is designed specifically for the hardcover book.


Below is a video with a few pages of the book.  Even the video is designed to help you relax while looking at text.  Don't try to see.  Don't try to clear things up.  Just notice what you do see.  Relax.