Friday 12/2/16 :  I started my sessions with Carlos on November 3rd, 2016 because I heard he could teach people to see.  I had been wearing different strengths of reading glasses for about 8 or 9 years and I was also beginning to notice that my eyes were burning and puffy.  After each session and with the practicing that I incorporated in my everyday living, by November 30th I receive confirmation from my optometrist that I had 20/20 vision again and at age 62.  I also noticed that the burning sensation and the puffy eyes have diminished substantially as well.  Most important is the fact that I no longer wear any reading glasses and I can see everything on my computer and small print as well.  I'm overjoyed and feel like I have brand new eyes and a brand new life.

Thanks Carlos

Best Wishes, Scarlett

Saturday June 3, 2017:  "My vision is very good and still using the techniques especially palming... I noticed that if I don't do the techniques my vision starts to decrease but as soon as I get back on track it returns. 

Best Wishes, Scarlett

Walking out of the class it looked like the world had been newly painted with God's paint brush.  Phenomenal!



I first became aware of the Bates Method of vision restoration 20 years ago when I discovered a book on the subject in a used bookstore. Having lived with poor eyesight for most of my life, I immediately bought the book and dived into the material. Quickly, I realized there was a great difference between intellectually understanding the method and being able to embody the practice. After some effort and struggle to master it, I failed, and decided to keep the book and return to it in the future. Some years later, I chanced upon a teacher of the  Bates method, and jumped at the opportunity to learn the practice. However, after 3 years of tutelage, I was again faced with the reality that despite my sincere efforts, I was not succeeding. Dejected, I stop my lessons, again bookmarking this to try again in the future.

Recently I met Carlos Moreno and attended one of his free workshops on the Bates Method of vision restoration, and decided to try again. The bottom line is that in two months I have improved more with Carlos than with 3 years under the other teacher. It has been said that some things are caught as much as taught, and what I’ve found in Carlos is the ability to not only instruct but also help you “catch” the crucial elements of practice one must embody.  This is a rare quality in any teacher, and to my surprise he can do this through Skype just as well as in person.  For the first time, I am experiencing success, and have hope that I can restore my vision all the way to 20/20, even as I enter the age where most of my friends are experiencing visual decline.  Beyond that, I am experiencing first hand how correct vision relieves mental strain in ways that need to be felt to be appreciated.  If your vision is imperfect, I recommend reaching out to Carlos and giving this a go. 

Mario Hostios

September 23, 2013

Hi Carlos,

I am still in awe of my eye pressure test results. I am a true believer of the Bates system.

Since 2007 I have seen numerous eye doctors, most have concluded I need eye drops for my high eye pressure, even though it was only the pressure number that was high-every other test I've had done has come out normal. I have felt in my gut that I do not need drops. They said I would need them for the rest of my life and the drops might even change my eye color. Every time I had an eye appointment I would start to worry days in advance, my heart wound pound, sometimes I would cry before and after my appointments because I was so fearful of what they would say.

This time I put in place all the suggestions you gave me to prepare for my eye exam today. I was totally calm. I did .. palming, finding my center, the finger squeeze thing, and basically didn't give away my power to the people who wear white lab coats (doctors). IT ALL WORKED!!!!!!!! My pressure numbers are down by 12 and 13 points. Before meeting you I even went to acupuncture for a whole year and my numbers went up. I thought I had tried every thing.

I am so grateful for your guidance and patience. Through the frustration and tears, you hung in there with me and I can't thank you enough. 


October 1, 2016

"That was fantastic! I left the class stunned at the amount of detail I could see.


(After attending the FREE Introductory Class on Natural Vision Improvement).

March 31, 2017
Hi Carlos,

We started our vision improvement journey about two months ago. Grayson had some trouble reading the 6 foot line with both eyes from 5 feet away, which is a little less than normal vision.  As of March 29, 2017, he was able to read to the 4 foot line from 20 feet away with his left eye and then both eyes.  His right eye could only make it to the 5 foot line at that time (from 20 feet away)*.  We used a combination of imagining the swinging dot, imagining going to places like heaven or Iceland and doing whatever he wanted there, whilst painting vivid pictures in our minds of what everything looked like, smelled like, felt like, etc.  I distracted him sometimes by having short pleasant conversations with him and giving him tasty but very small snacks between the smallest letters.

Naomi started off being able to only read the 20 foot line from 5 feet away, but she quickly improved after a week to be able to read to the 13 foot line (from 5 feet)*.  As of March 31, 2017, she was able to read all of the 8 foot line from 5 feet away.  I have pleasant conversations with Naomi, get her to look out the window or look into the living room at something interesting, give her nice snacks to eat, or I get her to imagine doing something fun in her mind. 

I can't outline my vision improvement as clearly as my kids, since I didn't track my improvement line by line on the eye charts.  However, I wasn't able to make out the lyrics for the hymns we sing at church, which is projected onto a screen at the front of the sanctuary, unless the size of the text was fairly large.  I can now read the smallest text they put on there, although it's still blurry.  I mostly palm or shift from card to card. 



*(parenthesis in first and second paragraph by Carlos to for clarification).

Hi Carlos,

Nice to see your newsletter.  My wife and I are improving our vision with some of the stuff you taught me. Last year I couldn't read without glasses and I can do so now.  Thanks.

Stephen Coleman

...  even more exciting is that my binocularity has improved.  Whereas before I could not get the vision in my right eye to fuse with my dominant eye, now it does... sometimes.  Enough that the chief of staff (at UC Ophthalmology) high-fived me and told me to keep on doing whatever I was doing which got me from no fusion to repeated fusion.  That is the work that I have been doing with Carlos Moreno at Centered Vision in Napa, and a few simple exercises at home. 

My how this day turned around!!!!
Thank you again.

Love & Light,

My vision continues to improve little by little.  The other day I picked up a news paper and had no trouble reading it, it came so easy and natural.  Also I have become well aware of the tension I hold in and around my eyes and when I relax the eyes, colors seem to be more brilliant and the golden morning sunshine is sublimely peaceful. ...

Yes, I'm telling my paying clients about you.

Sincerely,  Stephen

I certainly vouch for coming to his presentation having just finished his class series on naturally improving vision.  To my surprise and delight, I am seeing more clearly and relaxing more with what I see!

Shirley, RN, MS, CCH


Classes available in person and by Skype

December 23, 2020

Hi Carlos,
I want you to know I have completely restored vision through applying the exercises we were able to identify together and work on during our session one year ago!

So Thankful!
Merry Christmas!
Philip Northington

June 15, 2020
Carlos Moreno really helped me improve my vision. I was able to stop wearing glasses for distance vision, as well as significantly decrease the use of sunglasses, which I was previously reliant on whenever outdoors during daylight hours. He taught me techniques to decrease the strain of my eyes and brain, which also leads to a more relaxed state of being, with less headaches and other health problems. Everybody should learn this! Carlos is relaxed and kind. He is very knowledgeable and is a joy to work with. I highly recommend his classes and sessions!

Charise Ivy, M.D.
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician

Here's a photo Scarlett sent me of all the pairs of glasses she doesn't have to use anymore!  : )

Dear Mr Moreno, I had to take a moment to tell you this story.  I was listening to
your cd "Centered Vision for Farsightedness - First Class with a Student" while I was
working on the computer.  At the time I started listening I was using my eye glasses
for computer work.  Suddenly about 45 minutes into my work I found my vision was
out of focus.  I removed the eye glasses to find out to my pleasant surprise that I had no trouble reading the screen!  I have had to wear these eye glasses for 22 years!  I have never seen such a fast result in improvement and continue to work with your cd now daily! Thank you so much!

Michael H.