Monthly Online Group Class

$30 per person - prepaid

Date and time:  Mondays, 4:00 or 700 pm

Pacific time

(Check the Class Calendar page for

the schedule of classes.)

Via Zoom

This class meets via Zoom for one hour, each of the last three (3) Mondays of every month. 

The best way to improve your eyesight with Bates Method is to take the 8 Pack.  The cost for that option of personal, one-on-one instruction, doesn't work for everyone though.  In order to make Bates techniques available to more people, I'm offering the Online Group Class.  The class will cover Bates techniques that work for most people.  Individual attention during the group class will be dependent on the number of people in the class and may be limited as the class sizes grow. 

In order to improve your eyesight back to normal, regular practice is required until the habits of normal eyesight have become an unconscious habit.  That is another good reason to take this class.  After taking private classes with the instructor, the Online Group Class is also a useful way to get regular practice of the techniques that you've learned.  This class is also an inexpensive way to try this method while making a smaller commitment of time and money.

Contact us by filling in the form below.  Pay for the class then send your name and email address with the month that you want to attend the online group class.  Your name and email are required in order to send you the details for joining the class online and so that you can receive the materials you'll print and use in the class.  Registration and payment for this class must be received at least 30 hours before the start of the first class for the month.

As of January 2021 the price per person in the Online Group Class is $30 per person.

*For refund policy, see below.


4 Pack

$349 - prepaid

Four, one hour, private sessions.  In person or via Skype or Zoom.

Some people choose the 4 Pack when they want a refresher or reminder of the things to do and the things to avoid in order to keep their improved eyesight. 

I still recommend the 8 Pack because you get more classes at a lower rate per class,

but if you just want 4 classes and you want to pay under $350,

this is the packet for you.

*For refund policy, see below.


One (1) person, $30

Classes available in person, by Skype and Zoom

8 Pack

$499 - prepaid

Eight, one hour, private sessions.

In person, or via Skype or Zoom.

This is the best value if you really want to get your eyesight back to normal.

Getting your eyesight back to normal, or better than normal, is a process of learning what you currently do that makes your vision worse, what makes it better, and how to practice. 

The 8 Pack is the most economical way to do it.  At the One Session rate, you'd pay $1000 dollars for 8 hours worth of classes.  Pay up front and you get those same 8 hours of personalized instruction and guidance as you go, for 50% off.

*For refund policy, see below.

Special Workshops

and Weekend Courses


Day Long


Weekend Workshops

are available. 

Have a group of 10 or more that want a group course to improve your eyesight?  Contact us to set it up.

Special courses available for

organizations and businesses;

people who spend a lot of time at computer screens.

Contact us by filling in the form below for more info.

Natural Vision Improvement is for everyone. Regardless of your age,  you can get your eyesight back to normal or better. Even if you have normal eyesight, you can improve it and learn how to keep it, as long as you live, without glasses, contacts or surgery.

One Private Session

$125 per hour

Learn to distinguish what you currently do that affects your vision negatively.  Learn a Bates Technique that help YOU relax, so that your vision gets better by itself.

*For refund policy, see below.

FREE Introductory Class to

Natural Vision Improvement

Want to learn how this works?  Want to experience your vision get better,

right in class?

Come Join Us!

*Refund Policy*

° One Private Session - $125  is due and to be paid at the end of the one hour session.  There is no refund for the one hour session.

° 8 Pack ($499) and 4 Pack ($349) If a student/client who purchased the 8 Pack or the 4 Pack decides not to complete the full number of classes/sessions provided in the package at anytime after the first hour of class, the client will receive a refund of the initial payment minus $125 per hour for each hour or portion of each hour completed at the time of cancellation.

Both the 8 Pack and 4 Pack of classes are prepaid and as such provide the student/client a substantial discount from the One Private Session/hour rate.

° Online Group Class ($20 per person) -  Refunds will be made with cancellations made at least 30 hours before the start of the first class.  No refunds will be made on cancellations made after that time.  The $20 fee is required whether you attend one, two or all of the three class meetings.  Households that wish to have two or more people sit in for the class will pay $40 for the household.  All people sitting in on the class must be visible on camera during the class.  The $40 fee for a household is non-refundable if requested less than 30 hours before the start of the first class.

° Special Workshops and Weekend Courses - If a student/client who prepaid for either course of classes decides not to complete the entire course, the client will receive a refund of the initial payment minus $125 per hour for each hour or portion of each hour completed at the time of cancellation.  Additional rules may apply with each separate workshop or course regarding cancellations made after announced deadlines.