Natural Vision Improvement is for everyone. Regardless of your age,  you can get your eyesight back to normal or better. Even if you have normal eyesight, you can improve it and learn how to keep it, as long as you live, without glasses, contacts or surgery.

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8 Pack

$499 - prepaid

This is the best value if you really want to get your eyesight back to normal.

Getting your eyesight back to normal, or better than normal, is a process of learning what you currently do that makes your vision worse, what makes it better, and how to practice. 

The 8 Pack is the most economical way to do it.  At the One Session rate, you'd pay $1000 dollars for 8 hours worth of classes.  Pay up front and you get those same 8 hours of personalized instruction and guidance as you go, for 50% off.

4 Pack

$349 - prepaid

Four, one hour, private sessions.  In person or via Skype.

Some people choose the 4 Pack when they want a refresher or reminder of the things to do and the things to avoid in order to keep their improved eyesight. 

I still recommend the 8 Pack because you get more classes at a lower rate per class,

but if you just want 4 classes and you want to pay under $350,

this is the packet for you. 


One Private Session

$125 per hour

Learn to distinguish what you currently do that affects your vision negatively.  Learn a Bates Technique that help YOU relax, so that your vision gets better by itself.