Classes available in person and by Skype

If you have a disease, do not try to cure it.  Find your Center and you will be healed. 

Taoist proverb

About Us

Carlos Moreno  is a Natural Vision Improvement/Bates Techniques Instructor.  He helps people improve their eyesight naturally, working with people via Skype and out of the doctor's offices of Center for Wellness in Montebello, CA

Having worn glasses and contact lenses for over 22 years, he had the seemingly magical experience of correcting his own severely imperfect vision.  He trained in and continually studies the more involved methods of teaching others how to improve their eyesight to normal or better than normal.

He studied under the direction of a master teacher in the Bates Method, continually improving his understanding and experience in teaching people how to relax in the very specific ways that improve a person's eyesight.  As Dr. Bates, the father of Natural Vision Improvement wrote, "All methods used ...(to improve a person's eyesight)... are simply different ways of obtaining relaxation."

With his training and experience Mr. Moreno has helped hundreds of people shed the suffering caused by imperfect eyesight, helping people to live happier, healthier lives.

He has presented and given  courses to many doctor's groups, chiropractic offices, churches, yoga studios, and other community groups throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California.  He has taught courses to children and adults throughout California and out of state in person and via live, on-line classes and workshops.

He has been helping people improve their eyesight and health since 1997.

"We offer classes, courses, and workshops that teach you not only how to improve your eyesight, but to learn how to put these extraordinary techniques to use for your greater health and benefit, incorporating a greater understanding of the nature of your body/mind with all other aspects of life."

You may want to know if this will work for you.  It will.  You just need to learn what not to do, what to do, and practice.  We welcome your questions.