Glasses and contacts don't fix the problem, they allow you to function without fixing the disability.  Most people notice that the use of corrective lenses make your vision worse.  Eye surgery, like Lasik, doesn't fix the problem either.   Check on line, or ask your doctor what the likelihood is of having to use glasses again after surgery.

Learn some Bates techniques though, and you can get your eyesight back to normal, or better than normal, naturally, and keep it, your whole life long.  As you actually experience your eyesight get better, you will also have an extraordinary understanding of the mental and physical strain you are under when your eyesight is not normal, and experience the wonderful mental and physical benefits of learning to relax and rest your mind and eyes.


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"If you have a disease, do not try to cure it.  Find your Center, and you will be healed." 

Taoist proverb

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You can learn to see clearly without glasses, contacts or surgery

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A note from our Medical Director

Vision is an aspect of our biology which is affected by stress, habits, traumas. If one learns to strain to "see", the habit continues until it is addressed. When the habit is addressed it can shift visual acuity (improved vision) and shift our awareness. As you work on "seeing better" expect results in other aspects of your life as well as in your vision.

 Our Director, Carlos Moreno, has advantages in his visual methodology, as he understands and implements fundamentals that have a beneficial cross over into other aspects of our health.

Remember, we are a whole unit of function. As one area improves the rest of our function improves. Enjoy the ride!  Healing is a process and it is fun to have you along with us!

Dr. Jorge-Luis Moreno, D.O.

With over 23 years of experience teaching and using the techniques of Dr. William H. Bates, Carlos Moreno can teach you how improve your eyesight back to normal, or better than 20/20, whether you have myopia (nearsightedness), presbyopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, or any combination of these.  These techniques also help with most of the problems experienced after Lasik and other types of eye surgery. 

You can also learn these techniques BEFORE you have problems with your eyesight, so that you know what to do and what to avoid in order to keep your normal eyesight all your life.


Get Your Eyesight back to Normal

Without Glasses, Contacts or Surgery